Permalinks and Teh Funneh in a Subtitle

February 8th 2004, 17:04

I've now implemented permalinks for the unlikely event someone will actually want to link to a news item on this site. I've also implemented a subtitle randomiser. There aren't many witty slogans for it to choose from at the moment, so feel free to suggest something in this LiveJournal post. Next up, comments and possibly RSS support.

Database Testing

February 7th 2004, 21:06

Well, I've implemented a table to store news messages, now all I have to do is get the PHP code to pull the items off the database working. If you can read this, I got it working :)

Hello There

February 7th 2004, 20:25

This is the initial version of my new web site. Currently, it's been tested in Mozilla, Opera 7.x and Konqueror. I'm wagering that something's screwed up in IE, but I haven't managed to get IE6 working in Wine yet, so that'll have to wait. For those of you seeing a screwed-up page, here's what it should look like.

At the moment, this is just an XHTML file. At some point or another, I'll break it up into PHP chunks and move the actual content into a database.

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Not implemented yet, sorry.